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Fascinating Food:
Aphrodisiac Foods

By Micheline Stansfield
Edited by CreativeHomeStyle (TM)

Throughout history, rightly or wrongly, many gustatory delights have been termed aphrodisiac foods, in the belief that consuming them contributed to one's desire for the opposite sex. For the most part, the foods had less to do with the mood, than the tom-foolery that went along with eating them!

Here's a look at some of the foods believed to be aphrodisiacs

Asparagus - Believe it or not, this green stalk, reviled by your kids, was considered a phallic symbol and sought after by women in yesteryear.

Avocado - Cut it in half, and it resembles the appearance of female genitalia. But the ancient Aztecs name for it was Ahuacuatl, or "testicle tree". The fruits generally hang in pairs, which explains the strange term. In the centuries since its discovery, the creamy flesh has been considered a boost to romantic moods.

Oysters - Do they or don't they... have an effect on men and lovemaking? Actually, oysters contain zinc, which is known to impact the body's progesterone, which in turn is right there to liven up the libido.

Ginger - As with other spices, ginger stimulates the body's circulation. Improved circulation to the erogenous zones, makes them more sensitive to stimulation. Ginger added to a variety of dishes can result in a banquet that leads to the bedroom.

Fruit - While many have beneficial properties for the body, whether they actually add to the arousal when eaten is indeed the question. After all, sometimes a strawberry is just a strawberry. But a strawberry held in your lips and shared with the object of your desire can bear fruit of a different kind...

Chocolate - Beloved by women of all ages, in all eras, for its sinfully rich and sensuous texture as it melts in the mouth. But actually, chocolate contains natural ingredients that release serotonin in the brain, a chemical that induces relaxation and creates a sensation of pleasure. For additional delight, choose dark chocolates that have a higher quantity of cocoa, and thus, more amore to the almondines!

About The Author

Micheline Stansfield is a romance advocate who says you can always find more time for romance in your life. Visit for 37 more tips to add excitement to your love life.


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