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Gourmet Table Centerpieces

A Holiday Dinner Party or for that matter, any dinner party, calls for some creative ideas for table centerpieces. An elegant centerpiece is as important a part of your dinner table, as the rest of the table decoration, serveware or even the food itself.

Bring a creative twist to all your dinner parties this season, by displaying abundant and fabulous Gourmet Centerpieces instead of the usual flowers, candles, etc. Instead, kick it up a notch and combined flowers, candles, berries, ornaments and so on to accessorize the table decor.

The main course of your dinner party can be a great choice for a centerpiece. The traditional roast or stuffed turkey, for example, makes a wonderful centerpiece in and of itself.

'Accessorize' your main course with other gourmet tid-bits. In the above example of a roast turkey, you may circle the turkey with mini kebabs, stuffed mushrooms, marinated olives, fresh veggies, baby tomatoes, baby potatoes etc. Garnish each little piece for adding more color to your centerpiece.

Desserts are another great choice for centerpieces. Trifles or puddings, when prepared for a fairly large number of persons, make a lovely sight.

If you decide to use your desserts as centerpieces, be sure to put an extra effort into the garnishing. Desserts can be topped with whipped cream, custard sauce, fruit preserves, etc. and garnished with berries, mint leaves, crushed nuts and so forth. If using clear glass bowls for desserts like fruit trifle, decorate the empty bowl first by piping softened jam on the circumference of the walls. This will give off a lovely 'layered' look when viewed from the outside of the trifle bowl.

Cakes are eternal favorites as table centerpieces. Use a beautifully decorated cake, complete with a cake topper, for a delicious looking centerpiece. Beautiful cake stands, available easily in stores, can be used to hold the cake. For a timeless, classic look, place cakes on a 3-tiered cake stands. For Christmas, a 'Buche De Noel' or simply, a 'Yule Log Cake' makes a beautiful centerpiece.

Use a bowl of sparkling fruit for a wholesome and elegant centerpiece. Wash and clean all the fruits before arranging them in a beatuiful bowl. Creatively, alternate frosted, glazed or plain fruit and ornaments in layers. You can also arrange the fruits on a tiered cake stand.

If you can't think of dish from your main dinner menu which would be suitable in look and size for a centerpiece, you can creatively use certain smaller sized items, too. For instance, you can arrange appetizers, miniature puddings, muffins, or candy on tiered cake stands. You can make this type of centerpiece arrangement very attractive by playing with color.

For a cocktail party, a perfect centerpiece might be a glass bowl filled with crushed ice into which bright colored wine bottles are set. Drop a few berries and/or mint leaves into the ice to add more color and visual interest.

"Gourmet Centerpieces", besides being very attractive, are also very practical. More often than not, dinner tables are short of space with the large number of items on your menu, not to mention serving pieces, dinnerware, place mats, etc. It is possible to run out of space for a seperate centerpiece. "Gourmet centerpieces" will neither take up any extra space on your table nor too much of your time. Only a little effort is needed to decorate and garnish a gourment centerpiece attractively.

And last but not the least, be sure to take the time to view your creation from all angles to ensure that it makes a wonderful sight for everyone viewing it.


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