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Creating a dazzling dinner table in your own home is a cinch with glitzy Decorating Ideasgold lamé tablecloths and chair bows. You'll wow your family and guests with a look that’s rich, festive and memorable. Perfect any time of year to make special occasion dinners more opulent - but absolutely perfect for the holiday dinner table. Soft fabric drapes fluidly over the edge of the table, cascading into graceful folds for added elegance. Best of all, they’re easy to care for—just machine wash cold, gentle cycle, and air dry! Check your favorite retailer, especially during the holiday season, for products to help you get this look

Decorating IdeasWho ever thought galvanized steel could be this pretty? This is country decorating at its most charming. Simply fill pretty hand painted pastel pots with flowers and hang with metal wreath hangers (the kind sold during the holiday season) from a railing, balcony or fence - perfect results are easy everytime even for someone with absolutely no knack for floral arranging. Try it!

Need a little luxury in your life? Home Decor Express the romantic side of your personailty and turn an ordinary bedroom into a luxurious boudoir with one simple addition - a chaise lounge. Elegance and comfort at it's upmost. Indulgence? Perhaps. But life is meant to be savored, and a little indulgence is good for the soul! When you're ready for something special, this is the must-have bedroom accessory. Suddenly your bedroom is transformed from ordinary to an extraordinary haven. You'll feel like Cleopatra...

Home DecorExpress your whimsical side by adding a gnome bench or table to your garden or back yard. Not into gnomes? No problem - anything with a face will provide an enchanting way to inject character into your outdoor surroundings.... scluptured garden bunnies, cherubs. A sure to delight your garden guests.

Home decoratingA love for animals can be expressed through home decor in wonderful ways which reflect the occupant's personality. A terrific way to create "warm fuzzy" feelings throughout your home. An end table like this one is both tasteful and distinctive, yet so incredibly expressive. Such pieces are an excellent way to inject style into otherwise ordinary surroundings.

Decorating ideasLive in a home by the sea - or just wish you did? In either case, you can create a nautical theme throughout your home decor with carefully chosen accent pieces and accessories. Go the whole nine yards by carrying the theme throughout the entire home, or you might opt instead for subtle but nonetheless alluring hints placed in just the right locations - such as this sea shell area rug.

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